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watsup guys! :D

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ok so im new here! im noob i know! xD lol. well, my names mario, i just got the 09 versa hatch about two months ago and am loving it! iv been doing alot of things to it so expect pictures! :) well yea, thats it lol
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Looking forward to seeing those pics mate! Welcome to our humble home!
Welcome! What color is your V?
welp, i live in miami fl, and its a blue v. :) its REALLY BLUE. hahahah like i have interior leds blue a blue led shift knob a blue led dome light hahahahah its BLUE!!!!
omg omg omg!!!!!
sooo close to me!!! (compared to others!)
i'm in port st. lucie, i'll actually be in miami with my V the 1st weekend in sept =]]]
Yay, another FL member. Welcome to the site, Im in Tampa.

Post some pics!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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