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Hey guys,

Anyone here have weathershields fitted to their beast, and if so, do you find it reduced the amount of wind buffering when driving with the windows down?

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i dont have one on the versa, but i have had them on my pickups, and to some extent they help, expsecially if you want just down a bit makes a huge difference
Ah okay, well I might have to look into finding a full body set then :)
I bought a set from Bob at
Here is a pic of them after I installed them.

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looks pretty good i just installed mine and ill see when im not lazy and post pics of mine :)
i got one too its easy to install and it helps to have the window down when its raining or driving...
Don't need them here, doesn't rain enough year round.
its also good deflecting the wind that will hit you directly on your face with the window down :p
I never thought of that. I don't know if I want to spend money on a piece of plastic that does not benefit me enough to go out and buy one.
plus they look good too...
I agree, I bought it because I like the way the look on, not necessarily for the wind/rain. I think they look great :)
buy one its cheap and it has the nissan logo on it :p and your car will look good it will add curves :p
we need to take a pic together for the socal site, me Dave and Edgar, 3 superblack hatches with visors....
I want them but Ihave a sedan. Wonder if Versa Bob and grab some sedan ones?
okie but not this sat/sun ill be at san pedro the whole weekend...
buy one its cheap and it has the nissan logo on it :p and your car will look good it will add curves :p
Where is the Nissan logo located on the 'plastic'?
driver and passenger side hmm ill take a picture
i am pretty sure it is on the driver and passenger FRONT pieces ... i'll see if i can get a close up pick of it.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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