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Website Issues

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So the last couple of days, alot of you guys gave been getting a security token missing
EDIT: I found the Daylight Savings setting in usercp is the problem, turn that off and it should go away, if you cant get into you usercp becuase of security token, pm me, or email me via the form on the security token page, and give me your user name and i can change it for you

I am not sure what is causing this. I will hopefully have a chance to look into it tomorrow and see if i cant figure out what is going on

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A security token? I haven't come across this at all and I'm here normally twice a day.....sounds like ahosting error if anything.

Can someone please post the error when it comes up next time? Cheers!
i have been getting this for a while already, thats why i havent been posting on here...
I changed my daylight time settings and had no more issues. I turned of the auto daylight times detection and i stoppped getting that error
This is hosted with goDaddy, could be your answer right there :p

Let me know the full error next time and I can try looking into it for ya's.

here is the error i am getting, i seem to get it alot

Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing or mismatched.

If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error.
ok i just turned off the daylight savings time stuff in the usercp, and that fixed it for me, at least it seams that way, i was constanly getting it
Ah that's a vBulletin issue I believe :)

Something to do with the server time maybe?
Ok I found the issue, was a missing piece of code in out template for the DST Settings, it should be totally fixed now.

Austiida we are using the newdefualt style?
Yes sir!

What was the DST setting missing? That's terribly odd....
well looks there there is supposed to be a script in the bottom of the footer that was missing
ok the settings looked ok, but i set dst to on

if you have more issues let me know
Ok did a bunch of reading and added about 20 security token codes to inputs where they should have been. hopefully this solves the issues for everyone now.

I can't get into my user CP? I tried to change my time to my location and now I can't get back into there? I will PM you as well.
Not sure if you did something or not but after I PM'd you I was in the user CP screen and I just went and shut off the DST thing and all is good.
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