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When I braked to a stop after driving a bit, it would make a loud shuddering grinding kind of noise. If I brake SUPER gently it would stop.
The pads are as good as new, the rotors have been checked and are good, the car's got 30k on it, 2016 Note SV.
It started out minor and has progressively gotten worse in the last two weeks.
Last night it got so bad the car's handlig got squirrelly on the front end and it shuddered BADLY and tried to wander to the left, PLUS the Traction Control warning light came on.

The fluid level is good also. Was wondering if the ABS could be defective and throwing things off or something..otherwise I havent' got a clue.

Any ideas?
see linked video I uploaded to youtube. this is from 3 days ago and the problem is SIGNIFICANTLY worse now.

Also side note, any ideas for modifications to make it a more comfortable ride, especially for back seat passengers? going to add some noise insulation under the back seat and the rear cargo area soon, but wondering if there's anything that can be done with the rear shocks/springs to make things quieter/smoother.
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