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Weird noize and power loss/pulsations (versa note 2015)

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Hi, my girlfriend got a Versa Note 2015 4 years ago.
Monday I took the car to go to the gym and it begins to do the same thing as when you have no gaz, (foward-stop-foward-stop.. something like a pulsation...). It did this for about one or two minutes then worked normally. Since that day, the car do the same thing when I start it, once we get to the highway we are fine and no problem with acceleration at all.
When this happens I get a very weird sound coming from 'i guess' the transmission(CVT) (the sound is there even when I put it on park or neutral) . I REALLY don't know what it is.. What could it be ?
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CVT is evil.
Made it on purpose by the Ghosn administration...
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