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What all needs changing ?

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I purchased a wrecked 2011 Versa S with NO key and damaged wiring harness .
I went to the local junkyard and was able to purchase the Wiring Harness, ECM, BCM, and ignition switch with Key.
The donor car was also a 2011 Versa S , so everything should be the same , right ?

So after I replaced everything as mentioned above I go to try to start it and get a No Crank, No start issue
dash lights , radio etc comes on but when turn the key to start , NOTHING , engine will NOT turn over

Nothing wrong with starter I can get it to turn over
Don't hear fuel pump

Any ideas ?

Would it be the security ?

Thanks in advance
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I have a Versa S '11 model and that one absolutely uses a chipkey as I have removed the chip to then use a regular key. The chip gets hidden elsewhere in the car to be there when needed and keys lost cannot be a problem. Remove the chip; the car does not start.

I saw some NATS sheets by Nissan somewhere on the web and some '11 Versa models did not use a chipkey, can't say other than how mine is. No chip the car will not whirl starter to start engine. On mine the ECM must match the chip, they compare at key on and a match starts car. You can tell by what the little car icon light does when you turn key to start.

Pretty sure the BCM has to match the ECM so they can communicate.
Bear in mind in those the IPDM can be one of two types..............making the harnesses different IIRC.

What does the key-in-a-car icon on cluster do when you try to crank starter? With ECM and BCM plugged in place and grounded the key light should be slowly flashing with a good battery in system.

Junkyard sells parts but no way they can really prove out modules like ECM. And matched key to it? Highly suspect.
The IPDM components are arranged differently on the different ones, the fuse position rows move around.

Type A has two verticle fuse rows.

Type B has 4 smaller rows, two verticle and two horizontal.

The relay positions change wildly too.
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