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What all needs changing ?

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I purchased a wrecked 2011 Versa S with NO key and damaged wiring harness .
I went to the local junkyard and was able to purchase the Wiring Harness, ECM, BCM, and ignition switch with Key.
The donor car was also a 2011 Versa S , so everything should be the same , right ?

So after I replaced everything as mentioned above I go to try to start it and get a No Crank, No start issue
dash lights , radio etc comes on but when turn the key to start , NOTHING , engine will NOT turn over

Nothing wrong with starter I can get it to turn over
Don't hear fuel pump

Any ideas ?

Would it be the security ?

Thanks in advance
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you need to have the car's VIN match with the ECM/BCM (nissan tech will paste your car's vin to both ecm and bcm) but this should not prevent the car from starting if you currently have a match between ECM and BCM and the key.
I know this because when I was trying to add cruise control to the car, the master tech and I eventually swapped both original ECM and BCM with a donor car's and we did this to test a theory before moving on. The car started and the VIN wasn't copied at the time. Then we used my car's original BCM and we had to copy the car's VIN to the new ECM (with cruise control) to have a conclusive match and start the car.
But swapping both of then allowed to start the car without copying the VIN.

So I'm not sure this is your case, and you should check codes. Do you have P1610/1611/1612?
These codes are (1610) either lock mode, or an Immobilizer issue/ECM mismatch (1611). If you have that it means the BCM and ECM are not talking to each other because of what others told you already...but if you do not have that then the issue is not in the ECM/BCM pair.
1612 is about the wiring malfunctioning.

Check codes first and report back here :)
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Sorry everyone for not replying back until now . I have been busy & out of town & hadn't had too much time to work on the ole versa..I do want too thank everyone & especially @Ecate for saying something I had suspected but didn't know for sure "but this should not prevent the car from starting ....". and after looking @ the FSM wiring diagram , it appears that maybe something is going on the the IPDM box .. I wasn't getting any voltage to the fuses that "appear" to be a part of the starting circuit.

I ran by a junkyard and gotten another IPDM but haven't had time to install it , I'm hoping this maybe the issue ??

Wish me luck ha ha

Thank ya'll for sharing you time, patience and knowledge!!
it might be. If the starting circuit has some issues, car won't start.

getting back to the VIN issue, the VIN that you find printed on the car is just a number...of course you want to have it matching with your ECM and BCM to avoid issues, but all that matters for starting purpose is the match between ECM adn BCM. If you are positive you have that, plus a registered key with the pair, then the issue is somewhere else.

On a side note, the donor car was exactly like yours, right? You mentioned it was same year and trim (2011 S), but also same transmission? No different options etc etc like traction control etc?
do you know if it was the immobilizer would it stop the starter from turning over ?
yes, that is what it does if you don't have a match between the ECM-BCM and the registered key. There is an antenna in the ignition cylinder that communicates with the chip in you key. That is just the antenna, the NATS or immobilizer refers to the security system itself.
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