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What's the issue

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What all needs changing ?

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I purchased a wrecked 2011 Versa S with NO key and damaged wiring harness .
I went to the local junkyard and was able to purchase the Wiring Harness, ECM, BCM, and ignition switch with Key.
The donor car was also a 2011 Versa S , so everything should be the same , right ?

So after I replaced everything as mentioned above I go to try to start it and get a No Crank, No start issue
dash lights , radio etc comes on but when turn the key to start , NOTHING , engine will NOT turn over

Nothing wrong with starter I can get it to turn over
Don't hear fuel pump

Any ideas ?

Would it be the security ?

Thanks in advance
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Like @Desert Rodent said, I'd also guess this is a vin mismatch situation.

I know for fact my 2015 S-model doesn't even have a chipped ignition key. They're literally just plain old $2 blanks. When I had copies made years ago, the key place was kind of amazed even.
same with my 2016 versa sv. key only no chip
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