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What's the issue

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What all needs changing ?

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I purchased a wrecked 2011 Versa S with NO key and damaged wiring harness .
I went to the local junkyard and was able to purchase the Wiring Harness, ECM, BCM, and ignition switch with Key.
The donor car was also a 2011 Versa S , so everything should be the same , right ?

So after I replaced everything as mentioned above I go to try to start it and get a No Crank, No start issue
dash lights , radio etc comes on but when turn the key to start , NOTHING , engine will NOT turn over

Nothing wrong with starter I can get it to turn over
Don't hear fuel pump

Any ideas ?

Would it be the security ?

Thanks in advance
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I think you'll need to have the car's VIN number programmed into the used ECM & BCM. There are companies on ebay that will program your car's VIN number into the used components.
My guess is the car doesn't want to communicate with the ECM, because the VIN numbers don't match.
Is the IPDM in your "parts car" the same as the one you are trying to get started?? If so, (maybe) try swapping that in and see if that makes a difference??
1 - 2 of 17 Posts