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What all needs changing ?

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I purchased a wrecked 2011 Versa S with NO key and damaged wiring harness .
I went to the local junkyard and was able to purchase the Wiring Harness, ECM, BCM, and ignition switch with Key.
The donor car was also a 2011 Versa S , so everything should be the same , right ?

So after I replaced everything as mentioned above I go to try to start it and get a No Crank, No start issue
dash lights , radio etc comes on but when turn the key to start , NOTHING , engine will NOT turn over

Nothing wrong with starter I can get it to turn over
Don't hear fuel pump

Any ideas ?

Would it be the security ?

Thanks in advance
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Sorry everyone for not replying back until now . I have been busy & out of town & hadn't had too much time to work on the ole versa..I do want too thank everyone & especially @Ecate for saying something I had suspected but didn't know for sure "but this should not prevent the car from starting ....". and after looking @ the FSM wiring diagram , it appears that maybe something is going on the the IPDM box .. I wasn't getting any voltage to the fuses that "appear" to be a part of the starting circuit.

I ran by a junkyard and gotten another IPDM but haven't had time to install it , I'm hoping this maybe the issue ??

Wish me luck ha ha

Thank ya'll for sharing you time, patience and knowledge!!
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it might be. If the starting circuit has some issues, car won't start.

getting back to the VIN issue, the VIN that you find printed on the car is just a number...of course you want to have it matching with your ECM and BCM to avoid issues, but all that matters for starting purpose is the match between ECM adn BCM. If you are positive you have that, plus a registered key with the pair, then the issue is somewhere else.

On a side note, the donor car was exactly like yours, right? You mentioned it was same year and trim (2011 S), but also same transmission? No different options etc etc like traction control etc?
Thanks for the info . I am not 100% sure that it was the exact same car , but I was thinking it was ?

do you know if it was the immobilizer would it stop the starter from turning over ?
I have a Versa S '11 model and that one absolutely uses a chipkey as I have removed the chip to then use a regular key. The chip gets hidden elsewhere in the car to be there when needed and keys lost cannot be a problem. Remove the chip; the car does not start.

I saw some NATS sheets by Nissan somewhere on the web and some '11 Versa models did not use a chipkey, can't say other than how mine is. No chip the car will not whirl starter to start engine. On mine the ECM must match the chip, they compare at key on and a match starts car. You can tell by what the little car icon light does when you turn key to start.

Pretty sure the BCM has to match the ECM so they can communicate.
Thanks for the info . I am not sure if this issues is the NATS, immobilizer or wiring issue ?
I did pull the Key , BCM & ECM from the same car in the junkyard , I would think that this is ALL that needed to be changed .

Do you know if anything else would need to be changed
SO just to give everyone an update , well it's obvious I still do NOT have it running

when doing some voltage checking it appears that I am not getting any power to the fuses under the hood in the middle section that control the Fuel injectors etc.
I also checked continuity from the ignition switch where it goes into the fuse box(ipdm), it was good

Also tried hooking up a code reader to the OBDII port & It will NOT Connect to the reader.

anyone have any other ideas ?

does it sound like a bad wiring harness ?

So I went out yesterday and got a new (no not girlfriend LOL ) , I picked up a wrecked 2010 Versa , hoping i can swap parts and test to see where the issue(s) are

IF anyone needs any parts , just let me know , only has 85000 miles motor & transmission is in good shape.
I can ship small parts , if needed

Again thanks for everyone's help!
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time for an update ..
Instead of chaging the "running" car parts onto the "non-running" , I actually went the opposite way.. I changed everything from non running car to the running car.I changed
IPDM,ECM,BCM,etc and everything seemed to work and actually cranked & ran the car!​
So I am starting to think it may be in the wiring harness that I switched ?​
@amc49 , you mentioned 2 different IPDM's making the wiring harnesses different , If I had the wring wiring harness , would it have the same connections & do BOTH IPDM's look the same ?​
so I have confirmed that the Key matches the ECM & BCM since it cranked the "running Car"​
Anyone have any other suggestions or anything for me to test to figure out why it wont crank over ?​
Thanks everyone for the info , Ya'll have helped me ALOT ! I suspected that the wiring harness (even though I had checked it already ) well today I decided to change BOTH wiring harnesses (engine and Main) , well after changing out the Main wiring harness (again) I pulled back the wire loom on the engine wiring harness , and what did I see ... Naked and broken wires inside the loom... SO I think that was my issue all along !!:mad:... I hope to finish it up tomorrow & I'll let you all know if that was the issue

Wish me luck

Again thanks for the help
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