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Hi I Am Rixon, I want to know What are the BEST car speakers?
okay, so i have as much bass as i need in my car. ive got subs, got alpine r's component speakers, very happy bass wise. i need the best high frequency sound i can power off my deck. in 4 inch speakers on my dash. ideas?
You're gonna need more than deck RMS to have a cleaner sound (high frequencies). I'm running an Alpine X300 which has 16 RMS per channel. I bought an Alpine power pack that plugs into the deck and pushes 45 RMS per channel, through stock speakers. It's bang for the buck when I was considering spending more on components and it wouldn't an increase the power. So you should opt for an amp to power your speakers for a cleaner sound.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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