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Apologies for not being on often as of late, I fear my Versa may have had its worse two weeks of life yet.

Lets start with the good news......

I got the dent out of my door COMPLETELY. Thank goodness it was that thin thin piece of frame, or else it may have come out sloppy.

Kudos to the auto body shop site I went to and found a 20 dollar off coupon for a 69.99 professional hammer dolly kit. 50 dollars for an autobody kit I'll have the rest of my life. Edmonton Autobody, Collision and Painting: Eastwood Auto Body Ltd: Edmonton Autobody, Collision and Painting Services

What I learned from ^that^ was that its very important to have a very durable soft microfiber cloth covers your hammer as well as your dolly. I used the elastic bands to secure the clothes, adjusting as needed. This prevents the nicking on the metal and finish.

I manage to get out a clay bar and do a bit of detailing, honestly didn't go to well, I actually dropped the first bar in the dirt. (OWY) Luckily I didn't spend too much time claying as to what happened next.....

Kudos to iLuvMyVersa08 and her tips and tricks to getting my detailing skills where they are today.

It is time for the bad news....... I'll progress from minute to terrible.

Firstly an entire bar of clay was wasted only moments after opening it. I know its silly but that bar was basically 1 of 2 for 10 bucks so dropping it was a 5 dollar mistake. Rookie move lol.

Secondly I have discussed previously of an ailment my Versa had. It appeared as though twenty two (I counted with each wash prior to this day)
tar/tire like spots riddled my cars paint. Unfortunately the clay bar didn't take it off. The black color may have been tire deposits but only after buying a fiberglass pen and scraping away at it did I find each and every spot was a rusted paint chip.

Three hours of scraping later I have rust free areas with foggy clear coat surrounding them as a result of the sanding pen. :'(

Next I had purchased a set of Primer, Paint, and Clear Coat touch up paint pens which were specifically made for Nissan by Nissan. The primer went on well and dried quickly as it was a clear sky 85 degree day, unfortunately the paint went on and dried well but when the clear coat came in contact with it thereafter the paint swirled into the primer and formed a gray/white gooball look to each spot and a huge on where the eggshell size door dent once was.

Aside from my car looking like it was just cut shaving..... at least the paint chips are protected somewhat from oxidation? :'(

Finally today I got to experience a scraping sound on the road as I pull over 20 of the 100 miles of my work day into my destination I look underneath the car AND (forgive me I don't know the names of these parts and am in depression:'c....)

The black plastic that surround the bottom of our Versas on the sides front and back. In this horrifying discovery I found my front black plastic thingy which is right after the metal body, had rusted out its tiny thin holes where screws were once housed. This made what would connect underneath and is shaped as a black plastic D on the left and a flipped D on the right if your looking underneath. This plastic piece was scraping on the road and flew off!!!!!! I don't think Nissan as a dealer would consider this a fault under their corrosion warranty either.....

Now to fix my Versa I need to go get it painted.... I'm thinking Macco if their cheap. Please recommend good inexpensive touch up paint shops and how much they would charge for 20 M&M sized touch up paint spots and 1 eggshell sized paint spot. obviously they have to remove its current touch up paint so a quote would be great if you could ball park range one up.

I also need to find out what the hell the black trim on the front of our Versas is called and what the black piece that connects to it from underneath on the left is called so I can replace that asap. God I hope this isn't a lot of money.

If you could recommend how much a touch up paint done by someone would cost

as well as

give the name of the parts/the cost

and finally

give your opinion if you think this repair could fall under the corrosion warranty. They told me over the phone it would have to effect the car, so if this piece rusting out and flying off could have exposed sensitive components please let me know so I can get this taken care of under its warranty.

Between Gas, Rent, and my baby boy hubcaps undercoat and rust converter was all I could really afford right now until I get a second job.

Thank you everyone. It has helped being able to console to the Nissan Versa Forum Community. :grouphug:

Ps. I have some rather large scrapes in the back interior of my car possibly from the baby stroller. I'll post a link to a online photo album of the new paint problem, a shot underneath, and the back interior tomorrow when I wake up (8hours from now) its 5:05 am here lol I work nights :D

Thank you, thank you, thank you....:Angel_anim:
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