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It's a 1941 Oldsmobile with a Pontiac 389 under it. You still have the truck?
Wicked!!!!! Beautiful car man, you don't see those everyday. Great motor too. My family are Buick, Olds and GMC fans.

Unfortunately no I have not had an old ride since 2008. I kinda switched from -mpg to cars that have +mpg. I have built many many rides in my youth, I have never built anything below a 1953 Chevy 210. If I ever do get back into that again it would be 1940ish and below for sure. I lived in Austin Tx for 25 years, you ever hear about the Texas Round-up? Look it up, that's what I would want if I had extra $$$ in my pocket. Me and the wife are really into traveling now so no old cars for awhile, I live through you guys still keeping the classics alive.

Here's the ride before the 59, it's a 1979 CJ5 with 8" lift. Straight 6 with true duals. Big bumper on front is where I carried my bicycle, it has a fork mount on the left side of the picture. Found this Jeep with a tree growing out the center, complete restoration. Q


201 - 205 of 205 Posts