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What do you guys think about my versa? please critic!

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2007 nissan versa s

-limo tint all the way around
-emblems off
-window visors
-gloss black grill
-matte black spoiler
-headlight eye lids
-18x8 MSR rims w/ 215/40/18
-D2 racing RS coilovers 36 way adj
-AEM cold air intake

-tons of additions

let me know what you like about exterior? what i can change what i can add?


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I like everything. Im 50/50 on the eyelids.
Looks ok. Better then stock but not the direction I would have gone.

I'd go sport bumper, newer style grill (even if painted black), and silver colored wheels. Ditch the eyelids and add a rear wing if you don't have one.

Sorry you asked for a critic lol. That's just my taste. I'm sure yours and others differs. I do like the ride height and the wheel and tire size/offset.
Looks great to me.
I'd loose the eyelids, lip, and go back to OEM grille(blacked out would look nice), other wise you've done a great job. Love the wheels and height. :thumbsup:
I like it and I really like the eye lids
Of course you would
Of course you would
why do you say that??
I have to say I like the eyelids. Rims are pretty sweet too. Nice job.
The eyelids blend well with the car, usually I'm not to fond of them, but they look good. I also like the the grill, makes the car a little different.
I think everything looks great the way it is. If this is the direction you wanna go in, keep on going cause there's nothing wrong with it. The point is to make it stand out not look stock, and you've done a pretty good job at it.
sweet i appreciate all the advice i am thinking about changing my grill and i do have a rear stillen spoiler. but also I'm trying to find a front sport bumper where the hell can i get one?

here are some other pictures
heres a picture of my spoiler, also here are a picture of the rims i might be getting cause this rim a 18x9.5 and the ones i have now are a 18x8 :/ i think it would be more of a cleaner look ?? ideas?


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Love the stance. I believe you can get the sports bumper from but why not get both bumpers so it looks even?
Looks good. I like the all black look. I would stay with the black rims. The window tint and ventshades look great.

I might change the grille to something more like a honeycomb or expanded steel style. The horizontal grill makes it look too much like a PT Cruiser in the front. Would paint the grill flat or matte.

I like the spoiler the way it is. More spoiler makes them look too ricey IMHO.

I think smoked headlights would look sick if they are legal in your state.

Is the stripe on the wheels and the graphic orange or red? Can't tell from the pics. I think it would look cool to paint the kick plate to match the color of the wheel stripe and put some LED ground effect lights in them.

Let's see some interior pics.
ok yea def i agree with the grill! and smoked headlights and tail lights are illegal unfortunately:/ but the stripe is red.

interior pics are are coming just have to take them cause i upgraded a lot of interior stuff!
I love it! Would greatly appreciate a link to the HIDs
Looks great minus the HID's! IMO, hid's with crazy glare/color = rice.
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