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What do you think of the Honda CR-Z looks?

  • Great!

    Votes: 8 47.1%
  • Neutral...

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • Ugly!

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  • Looks like a spaceship or really awkward

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What do you think of the Honda CR-Z looks?

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Let us know what you think!

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how much??
starting at $19,345 for base model, $20,905 EX...
i like the inside looks very nice and futuristic
Wish Nissan would come up with trendy and stylish looking interior.
it looks really nice, I like how they kept the cr X look... they seem to listen to what people want.
Not a huge fan of the flat back(reason I don't like hatchbacks) but I agree with BluV3R18...looks very close to the CRX. The frontlooks like the Accord crossover though.
Havent seen one in person yet
I've seen them too and I'm not a fan.

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The only thing I dont love, is the rear end/back hatch area.
Like the overall looks but the dash layout/setup and engine choice are the pet peeves for the neutral choice.
I like the appearance, looks sharp. Instantly recognizable as a crx, i mean crz.:DHmmm nasty blind spot for lane changes etc. But looks get an A.
I like them. I didn't really until I seen in person. They look very good in person and in white.

I think if honda didn't bother making it a hybrid and stuck a nice fuel efficient direct injection engine in there, asked about $4k less these would be selling like hotcakes.

As far as nissan not making good looking interiors, I'm a fan of the juke with leather. I think it looks very good.
The Juke has a great interior...I'm talking about the regular Sentra and Versa as in contrast having plain interiors.
check out the video on the CR-Z 0-60
The car is nice inside and out but i cannot belive a diesel can get better mpg.

Honda CR-Z

It has a pretty good exterior and a better interior that Nissan especially if you suddenly get new Honda carburetor rebuild kit. But still, I prefer Nissan when it comes to speed and sporty style though I like to compliment the stylish look of Honda CR-Z.
seen quite a few in person. i actually like them a lot. the only thing is, i wouldn't be able to justify spending a lot more money for a honda fit engine. BUT when modded, they are so so so sweet. IE: mugen crz
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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