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what happened to the forum?

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it used to take you to the new posts when you log in now it just takes you to the forum page... how can i change that back?
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Yes same here I am not liking the new format.

What about all the ebay ads being posted now? This is crazy!
Never noticed lol. Is it that much work to click on the "New Posts" tab on the top?
What "New Post" tab, it ain't there no more lol
I thought this was going to be about the lack of activity in these forums. On Rennlist (Porsche forum) after a whole day every thread has dozens of new replys... Here maybe 1 or 2 threads in each subforum have new replys...
The forum owner did a forum update to version 3.8.7 I believe. I still see the "new posts" tab at the top of the screen.

As far as the ebay posts. Its very annoying and I PM'd the other admins to see what was going on with it. Havent heard back yet.. I saw someone banned him and it didnt work. I just deleted him as a user waiting to see if they keep posting more spam, feel free to PM me if anyone has questions
I still see the new posts tab at the top but that explains why I haven't been able to log in all day lol.
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