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what is this?

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On the top of the windshield of the interior in the Fit.
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maybe its for some sort of racing to check all your blindspots and all?
or maybe someone had to much time/money?
I believe it's called a wink mirror, for rally racing...

Man those Fit guys know alot about everything we don't know
yeaaa when i was looking at cars with in my budget i looked at all the new hatches..
and it was between the versa, aveo, and fit...
fit didnt have crap for what u payed for...versa had the best at the best price.

but thats a different subject..

that mirror is CRAZY 0_o
Lol. I just saw this pic today on Fit Freaks. I know, wrong site! haha!
At first I thought it was a bunch of mirrors lined up beside each other.
I really like how some of the Fit owners have redone their headliners and door panels with cool fabrics. I would love to do that, but am afraid of wrecking my Versa.
I assume the 'fit' is what we call the 'jazz' ?
this is a special mirror used in most rally cars. it gives you pretty much a panoramic view of everthing. a buddy of mine has one in his wrx and its incredible. dont much like the look of it tho.
yeah its a rally broad way mirror :p you can buy this and fit it in any car but i dont suggest getting this one unless you have auto dimmer on all the mirrors :p imagine an SUV with bright lights behind you o_O i know its angled so it wouldnt bother you that much but it still bothers you :p
these are pretty old school, my dad used to put them in his cars all the time... and yes the fit is the jazz....
The Honda Fit used to be fit. Now it's a Honda Fat.
^... I like how it used to look also... then I also found out how many ponies it has... um... if there wasnt a kraftwerks fit... the fit would be a flop
quick bit of info for you guys that are fairly new to the Versa, a while back there was an event that put a Versa with some work done to it against 2 supercharged fits, guess who won?
i used to love the wink mirrors, always had em in my sand cars. out one in my brithers vw bug too..... straight up old school. super functional albeit hideous
my friend rocks that in his prerunner. their pretty cool
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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