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What RPM Do You Idle At?

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After getting my Alternator replaced at Nissan I noticed that I idle pretty low. I'm not sure if it has always been this way or if it just now started doing it.

Anyways here are some pics:

Also I do have a CVT if that matters. Don't know much about cars but just figured that I would ask.

Thanks in advanced!
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lol, do you always look for something to go wrong bro? lol

Anyway, mine idles at about 700-800 or thereabouts.
No not always. lol

I just have 400 miles left on my warranty and according to Nissan I have electrical problems. Just want to make sure everything that was damaged got fixed correctly before I have to start paying for it out of my own pocket. You know?
As of right now the shaking problem is fixed and it hasn't done it since the new alternator was put in. So that makes me SUPER happy since I have had to take my car in like 4 times for it.
Strange they say it was an alternator issue....did you by chance check to see if it is a new alternator? My old car had an elec issue and I marked the bottom of the alternator before taking it in.

They charged me because they said the fault was from my audio system and they had to replace the alternator.....should have seen the maintenance manager fumble and go red when we went outside and underneath the alternator in texta was "they haven't replaced me" and a smiley face :p
Wow. I can't believe that happened to you! But that is pretty funny.

I didn't check to see if they replaced it no, but I know the lady down there very well (she gave me her personal number lol) so I am hoping they didn't do that this time.

The first time I went in my car shook pretty bad and my car just turned off. I had to get my car towed in because it wouldn't start back up and apparently all that happened was my fuel pump fuse blew. About a month later my car broke down again. So I was like ok well I will just go get a new fuse and drive it back down there, so I had someone come pick me up to get fuses and every time we put one in and tried to turn it over it just lit up and blew the fuse. I had to get my car towed down there for a second time and I find out that they actually did fix stuff the first time, they just failed to tell me and than said that my tow bill couldn't be covered.

So just want to make sure things are all good.
mine idles in that same area.. maybe 1-200 rpm higher but really not much different
ANy update on this yet bro? How's it going?

So far so good.. I haven't really drove with my underglow on recently cause I got pulled over so I'm layin low for a bit. But I do plan on going back into Nissan and have them test the alternator because she said that it's possible that I am taking too much power (cause of the lights and subs) and hat its not able to recharge. So if thats the case it shouldn't put out as much power as it should and I will take off my lights.
You mus'nt take off your lights! That's like a special occasion for meet & greets or at parking lots. Just don't drive with them on again!
I don't plan on taking them off, its just if it is the reason why my car is breaking I have too... I HONESTLY don't think it is but she insists. I told them I'm not gonna take them off before they prove it to me unless they are gonna pay the $250 it costs to get them reinstalled.

(I have wheel well and interior lights that still need to go on! lol)
What if the lights are not correctly installed and are grounding out, causing an earth leak....could lead to the power drain.

Not a solution, just something to think about :)
We lifted my car up in the air at Nissan to see if there was anything funky going on and it looked good. I peeled back the carpet to glance at the harness and all that and it all looks good there too..

I think maybe I just got unlucky..?
You idle at 2100?? Is that with A/C on or something?
Wow. lol
I haven't ever heard of someone idling that high.
nope its cold out but its been like this for like a month, idk why?
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