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What we stumbled upon at GREDDY

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Well, Bob and I were walking around Greddys tent event and guess what we found.....

ya........ full catback exhaust for the prius FML
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Are you serious, WTF are the full Versa Greddy exhausts at? :banghead:
lmao haha prius thats a joke to us versa why they get one and ummmmmmm we anit thats some old BS
So why does the Prius get an exhaust and the Versa still doesn't have one yet? Someone please answer my question or I will get rather disappointed.
HAHA. This is a perfect example where the versa's aftermarket support is going.
It's a bunch of BS if you ask me, WTF is going on here?
prius came out before the versa so im guessing the full cat will come out soon :p besides imagine granny driving a prius with a full cat brooommmmm beep beep :p
LMAO!!! I would love to see a prius rockin a full exhaust LoL...

You guys just need to go out and get a custom exhaust made, as there is no love for the nissan versa :-(
ive seen a prius rock a full body kit
WTF. a prius! a prius! really now. thats the same as slapping a baseball card on a bicycle. what a sad sad day
I thought Prius/going "green" and driving a hybrid meant going against most of the car mods that actually improve performance etc....why the heck would a Prius have precedence over the Versa when it comes to aftermarket parts? The Versa is not a hybrid, totally go green car that is about status or environment...yeah it has good gas mileage but really? Who in their right mind would want a full catback system on a vehicle that isn't meant to be a performance ride? Even though it came out before the Versa doesn't meant it is a stronger supported vehicle. Sigh. Who knows.
the prius. the first gen prius also has a supercharger from blitz. now the exhaust on the next gen. the mudder faking prius.
sad,.... this is just sad........


at my work we hired this guy to do some ads and he had a body kit on his prius lmao i should have taken a picture lol
money talks ladies and gentlemen, there just isnt enough interest generated from our small community.... no one knows the potential that lies in our little cars..... I am just gonna wait for DC like originally planned....
you guys should go find a good fabricator and get custom stuff made. Like header and exhaust. It's going to make more power and give you way more bragging rights then anything greddy may or may not come out with.

I have no clue why a prius would get an exhaust over the versa but it did.
WTF. a prius! a prius! really now. thats the same as slapping a baseball card on a bicycle. what a sad sad day
Oh man I laughed so much at that. :thumbsup:
The more I read this thread, the more pissed off I become. I need to stop.
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