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What's in your wallet.....A turbo...........

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Not sure if this is street racing..........he's just testing the car by itself..........where's the battery?:circle:
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that would be awesome to day day haha
yeah ive seen that video i bet the battery is inside the car some were so he can have a quick shut off on it if needed
thats was awsome if i get mine ill have to turbo it
ill tell you what buddy it wont be easy lol
I am assuming the battery is simply relocated to the trunk. Very easy to do. Its a good idea to do if you are turbo, so you can clear out some space under the hood for piping or just open air for cooling.
I wish I had the money to get a turbo but I dont right now. how much boost if any could you push on the stock internals in the engine and how would the numbers compare to the supercharger. im trying to decide witch one to save up for.
Very true man ive been thinking the same thing
how many HP and total cost amount?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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