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Whats up NVF!

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Hey everybody,

Name is Adam, and i'm new to this forum. Wanted to check out some other versa's and see what kinda cool ideas and mods people have. I hope to learn more about the car and become friends with people who share the same enthusiasm as I do for Nissan Versa's. I just posted Pics of my 2010 Nissan Versa Hatchback. So please check em out and tell me what you guys think of them.

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Welcome to NVF. Hatch looks good, silver ftw!
Thanks! Silver all the way! I'm kinda bummed, tried to tinker with my intake and now it bogs out when i floor it and it's just annoying. I think the diameter of the pipe is too big for the maf sensor.
Welcome to the forums!
Thanks Ferdie! Hey that's a clean SL you got there. Does that have a sunroof??
welcome to NVF
Welcome Adam!
Welcome pal, nice looking V you got yourself there. Nice wing, where you get it.
Welcome to the forums.
Thanks Everyone for the Nice welcome!
@RedAlbertV: I got the wing off ebay, here is the link just in case u wanted to see it, just comes in a white primer so you have to have it painted to match your car. :
Thanks. If you don't mind me asking, how much was it to get it installed and painted? Also how's it holding up? Don't hear too many good reviews about Chinese parts. Thanks
Welcome, make sure to check out the how to section
RedAlertV....I installed it and painted it myself. Didn't cost much, I already had the paint gun. I just bought the paint and the clear. All together cost me about 40 bucks. It's holding up pretty good, no problems with it so far. Thanks!
djmurfi...thanks for the advice, I checked it out and i found what I was looking for to help with my auto window up situation.
Welcome to the forums good sir! Check out the how to section for some great tips and answers
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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