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I got the power to kick and ban. Think I scared what few members we had, but at least the spammers are gone. >:D

Been researching TURBOing the V. Seems kits are few and rare. The few that are out there turbo or super chargers are about 5 grand by time they are shipping, imported to us Americans. I hate to spend as much as the car is worth for a few extra ponys. I thought Turboing was a cheap way to get some extra power?

One thread I read said your best bet is to buy a front clip to a Juke and harvest its parts. Shame only the nemiso is a 6 speed since I got an S. Maybe for the cvt owners it will be more of a drop in replacement. Hell, maybe the 5 speed will match up to the MR? engine?

My plan B is NOS. No, not much, just a small 25 shot in the filter box so its registered by the air flow sensors and such so the car regulates the AFR correctly vs dumping it in the intake past the throttle body. I wouldnt mind a little boost for 0-75mph for merging or getting up to speed, then flipping it off while cruzing when AC is on 3 or 4 blower speed.

Otherwise its a great car, averaging 41 mpg keeping up with traffic. :grin
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