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- I don't use Cruise Control unless it's a really long drive
- Left the spare tire @ home (will put it back in for long road trips)
- I drive off immediately after I turn the car on
- I roll up my windows ahead of destination (this way the engine is not running while I'm closing my windows and I don't tax the battery if I opt to turn off the engine first and then close my windows)
- I over-inflate my tires 5 PSI more than the recommendation, but still staying well below the PSI limit that is imprinted on the tire
Why wouldn't you use cruise control? Even for short stints on the highway, it maintains the constant speed better than your foot, so it doesn't deviate the throttle as much as yourself. What happens if a tire blew out? Thats a useless move there. Honestly you never know, and the tire is only 20lbs, you can't seriously get a gain of mpg from that. What not let your engine warm up properly? A cold start engine uses more gas than a warmed up engine, even if you think running it immediately after start will help warm it up. A 2 min warm up will help. Are you carrying something heavy? Over-inflating your tires is only recommended for when you have to compensate for a heavy load. Go by the OEM PSI rating. And plus you wear out your tires sooner.

Honestly you're doing much worse for your V than you think.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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