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Wheel cover removal

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Is there a certain way to get the wheel covers off the steel rim, or do you just pull? Since its so cold I don't want to crack the plastic.
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The best way I've found is using your fingers only, pry evenly around the edges. The sharp edge of a tool like a screwdriver can create too much point pressure resulting in breakage. I have a broad, smooth edged pry tool that I sometimes use though. Cold will crack 'em though, so you might want to park in the sun for a while.
yeah just use your fingers and dont force it to much
Or drive through the flooded streets of So Cal from the recent rains. That'll get 'em off...


Time for new rims!
wheel cover

That's a cool idea. I never thought that these fingers will be enough to move around the edges smoothly. I prefer tools like screwdriver but what you said really makes sense.
wheel covers
wheel cover removal
Or slam the car into a curb like I did. They pop off that way too, lmao!!! It was icy out, and I slammed into a curb and did no damage, just a 2 inch scuff mark on the hubcap.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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