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Wheel crack, fixable?

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Think a small weld would be ok to keep air in it till I can get new wheels?
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im going to go with yes it should, but you may want some others to weigh in here as well. how long till u get new wheels?
crack is bigger than once thought after tire came off and the cost for it to get fixed is more than the wheel itself
Personally I wouldn't risk getting it repaired if you can get a brand new for the same price ! It's the safer way for yourself and for your wallet !
I agree. I'd save the money and get new wheels. How did it happen?
not sure how it happened just showed up one day
Looks like the victim of a pothole. I personally wouldn't feel safe driving a car with a compromised wheel, welded or not. Also, it looks slightly out of round so that might not actually fix the leak, and as you mentioned, "fixing" it would be more expensive that replacing it. Unless you've got high end BBS wheels or the like, wheels are cheap.
yeah im gonna be on a donut for a month or 2 till i can afford new wheels
Paint your steelies white and rock them. :D
dont have em anymore :sad: had to make some room when my wifes stuff got out here....wish i still had em
FYI most credited tire stores won't work on cracked wheels. Or at least I know discount tire won't. Welded or not the wheels integrity has been compromised at one point.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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