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Wheel Fitment

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I didnt notice or sticky for wheels and suspension so i thought i would start some sort of standard question thread.

I am looking to put some 18x8.5's on my 2009 Versa Hatch, but am unsure if i will get poke.

?|? Rotiform Wheels ?|?

These are the rims I was looking at, they are stated as being an "et35/et45" offset. I presume this is positive offset from 35-45 degrees although am unsure.

i plan on getting new suspension then putting the wheels on and adjusting to suit fitment expectations.
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you shouldn't have any poke, i dont think you can get rotiforms on a versa with their standard pcd
I am getting a custom hole pattern (4x114.3)

Do you have 8.5's on yours??
yea and i just lowered it recently; the wheels fit right inside the hubs. still has tight turning radius with almost no rubbing
What offset are the rims your running??

Thats great though! thanks for the input!
its either 37 or 45 (posotive) i remember off the top of my head, i have the receipt some where that says it
Thats exactly the offset on the ones im looking at!

Thanks for the input, kinda put my fears to rest as i saw some 8.5" ones on here that had some dirty poke and looked like garbage.
yea man i like when it has a nice tuck. definitely throw up some pics when you get put them on
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