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- Can I just transfer the old TPMS sensors from the oem 16s to the 17s instead of buying new ones? If yes, what items should I buy (gaskets etc.)? Do they need reprogramming from the dealer? Cost?

I had my TPMS changed over to the 240 rims when I had them put on and they told me it was fine that they didnt have to do anything extra, I talked to nissan before doing it and they sugjested changing the O-rings but that was it.

- Will the tires rub? Do you think they're safe to mount these tires?My wife and I are planning to drive more than 2,000 miles (round trip) from NJ to Orlando this May.

dont know know if they will rub but wanted to ask if y'all are going to come visit on your way by? :thumb2:

3. Do I have to upgrade the lug nuts or just use the old ones? If yes, to what size?

before you mount them on the car do a test fit first with the lugs to see if they will grab the threads enough mine factory lugs work but just

BTW, I am planning to paint the rims matte gunmetal grey on the center mesh and gloss gunmetal grey on the rim lips.

that should look nice :thumb2: hope I could be of some help to ya
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