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Wheel questions

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1. I want to run 17s what width and backspacing?
2. Just verifying bolt pattern is 4x114?
3. Can my TPMS be swapped over to the new wheels?
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1. 7.5 or 7 inches wide will work and a 35-45mm offset will work.
2. If you have a hatchback or a 07-11 sedan yes.
3. Yes.
The TPMS might have to be reset when switched over. It is not a given since some members switch them out without the indicator lights turning on, others (like myself) had to get it reset.
Why did you have to reset them?
I have zero ideas, I just assumed it was because I went to a bargain bin place to mount my wheels. I told them to just put the old TPMS to the new wheels and they didn't even know what that was. I just got it reset for free from my Nissan dealership during my oil change.
That's weird. My SLs came with 3 tires and regular valve stems so I drove around with those for like 6 months but when I got new tires I had the shop(Firestone) put my TPMS on my SLs. No problem. :shrug:
IIRC one of my TPMS did not sync with my onboard system correctly so the TPMS light was on for about 2 months before I got it resolved
Another reason could be if they aren't put back in the same wheels the signal can be thrown off, there's a bunch of things that could happen with those stupid sensors. I had the guy do everything in front of me and have them put back in the exact same spots and had him use the TPMS rebuild kit that was offered with my rims and my light stayed off.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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