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Wheel size

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So I'm looking at these set of rims that are 15x6.5

I've search for wheels specs on the versa and it comes up with 15x5.5, now that's one inch difference. My questions is, will I be able to just switch the rims and keep the tires the steelies come with or would I have to get a new set of tires? Thanks in advance.
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what size is the tire? I'm sure the tires will go on the rim but it might have that stretched look. Which I guess is popular these days.
I guess I can just find out lol. Worst that can happen is I need new tires with it. Any idea if they TPMS will work with the new rims or will I have to buy one of them TPMS rebuilt kit? Oh and I think the tires are 185/65/15, I could be wrong though, I just got that from searching online. Haven't had time to check my own.
you can stretch them on. The tpms i dont know..
Tires should be good. TPMS will work, just be gentle with them, I heard they break easily.
What kind of wheels are you getting?
Make sure you get a kit of 4 TPMS sensor seals for about $12 from a store such as NAPA. I suggest you mount the new tires on the rims without the TPMS on the rim. After the tire is mounted you can press the tire down and install the TPMS and then inflate the tires. I had no problem installing them this way and it eliminates the danger of breaking the TPMS when the tire is being mounted on the rim.

Thanks for the tip Francesco, I'll probably tell the technician that though lol cause I don't have tools to mount tires or even know how to do it lol. As for the wheels I'm not sure what brand they are but here's the listing;15" Rims, 4 lug
They look like MBs though.
They're nice. I'm a big fan of spokes. And I know you said you're using your current tires but I'd try to offer less and see how low he/she goes. Used wheels that size dont go that high...I've seen 17s with decent tires go for that price. Even I got my SLs for less...$150 with 3 good tires. My opinion.
It's a good point but he's gonna come back at me with "they are freshly painted and almost brand new" and all that crap lol. I'm just interested on them cause I won't have to spend anything extra on tires for a while plus I'm tired of looking at my steelies lol. I will definitely offer him something less, he's had them on there for a few months now so he might be getting tired and would go for a reasonable offer. Just hope no one gets them before my damn check gets here lol.
Good point. Have you talked to him?
Good point. Have you talked to him?
I sent him an offer thru e-mail, 200, but hasn't respond yet. He either hasn't seen it or thinks is too low and is not even bothering to respond lol. Think I might need to text him. I just wanna make sure I have the money first, as I mentioned still waiting on that check.
I'd text him 1st, if no reply then I'd call him. $200 is good. And if he's had them for a while like you said, then he should take it. What color are they though?
it says they're black with red flakes
Damn, guess this idea is out the door. Guy sold them =(
Not good! Any other wheels you're interested in?
There're a few but none that I can afford at the moment. Think i'll just leave the wheels for last and focus on other things, such as suspension, engine, & interior. Been thinking of getting a upper FSB. We'll see I guess.
I hear you. I want nice wheels but cant afford them right now.
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