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Hello everyone.
Complete car beginner here.
I’m getting a second-hand XV (Crosstrek) and for summer tires want to go with wheels that are more open than the stock wheels. I’m not looking for any lifts or anything special (though it can look awesome), just we’ll be on winter tires as well so I’d thought I’d use the stock wheels for those and need to get an alternative for the rest of the year.
Is there any disadvantage to more open wheels when on roads with small pebbles, fire roads, etc?
I’m not taking the XV off-roading or anything but we do live in the mountains (in Japan) and so our daily drive involves steep and curvy gravel roads, some small sections of non-paved going to campsites, etc. Lots of small loose stones and bumps.
Nothing that should be a big problem but was still wondering if people have experience with damage to their brakes or things getting stuck in there etc.
Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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