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Stupid question but whatever I haven't seen it been done on a v but does anyone know if 13 inch wire wheels will fit like I said stupid question just being curious I've seen all these other rice burners with them on n figured maybe I should try it on the hatch lol yea I know y would I do something like that just out of curiosity thou thought I would ask thanks
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The problem with going smaller is the wheel is more likely to rub on the brakes or suspension. While playing on one of the major wheel/tire websites, oddly enough, they did have options for 13" wheels for my 2014 Note. . So yes this may be plausible. I don't think a wire wheel would be a popular choice though.
Lol thanks I was just wondering cause I've seen big cars n trucks on lowrider rims n wondered y not give it a try on a small car I even saw a Chevy hhr on lowrider rims but I was just curious
No... if you want a clean but distinct look, get Spec V Sentra rims, then lower it. BBS RS reps would look ok, but those are overplayed, people put them on everything, just like "LS1 swap all the cars!" trend.
I was thinking more on the line of some 20s that more my style but who knows maybe soon money is tight at the moment
Mine came with 14in. wheels from factory so 13in. should be ok. :thumbsup:
I thought factory size for our Versa was a 15 inch rim?! I didnt know they came with 14's out of the factory! Good to know. As for my Versa it's stock and staying stock for a long time lol. I just ordered some replica hubcaps from ebay since I lost my two front ones in the freeway lol.
I always thought the Versa would look sick with some coilovers dropped about 2 inches and with some nice 15 or 16's x either 6.5 or 7 inch wide wheels.
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