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When I lock the doors the horn doesnt honk!!!

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Hey there,
When I use the key FOB to lock the doors, the horn doesnt honk anymore, also, when I use the FOB to unlock the doors, the rear lights dont blink.....wierdly at the same time, my AC button doesnt light up everytime I put on the fan (thats actually a good thing) any suggestions?
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dumb question on the horn, all the doors are shut good?
Check the owners manual you might have changed the settings by mistake on the key fob. I have mine so my horn doesnt beep either.
Master technician huh??
/thread jack

Rob has your answer MV.
thanks, I aint gonna start shit, its not worth it, and why read through the manual when you have tons of people on here willing to help and give you the answers on demand? I dont have time to read through the manual anymore anyway, I would rather read through my Ford Probe GT's manual, its alot better reading through a manual on a faster more sportier car....and all for $16,000 less. I will never buy a new car anymore, why buy new when used will do, and believe me, used is a whole bunch better than new (depending on make and model) My Versa is obsolete compared to my Probe GT, The only thing is has better in 2 more doors. Thanks again for the answer!!
so i got a question why does ford keep telling people its an american car but its parts are originally from mazda o_O off topic lol besides i love the 30~38mpg on highway and 28~30 in city ^_^v zoom zoom mx-6 errrr thats mazda... if you dont like your versa you can just give it to me ill take care of it... but to answer your question about your lights you might have some wiring problem or you might want to get your battery checked...
Everything works perfect now. Except that the rotors are still warped, theres a leak in the donut gasket and when you hit a bump the front end vibrates like hell, and yeah, she was inspected and there is nothing wrong with it. Im used to the coil overs on my probe now and the ride is reaaaaalllly smooth and I hardly feel a bump anymore. Yeah, shes known as Ford Tough made with Mazda Stuff. I am actually getting rid of the Versa. I also love the 30 - 38 Mpg to, but I aint cheap and dont care about gas prices. I am more of a sportier guy anyway and thats why in 5 years I will own my dream car (1999 Nissan Skyline GTR)
Glad you got it working. Sorry you don't like the V all that much. Obviously you have alot of passion toward your probe. My mom had one while I was growing up. Just an SE though so not the good one. My girlfriend at the time was in love with the GT so I did alot research. We never ended up getting one though. Maybe post up in the "non versa talk" forum about your probe and put pics up. Good choice on the GTR btw. My passion in the auto world is anything SR20 powered.
sorry to say but most fords are made with mazda lol but soon mazda will be with toyota so ford can make its own parts and lets see how well will that go o_O
did you get into a crash or something with your v???? any car with a good suspension/tires will yield a smooth ride... well good luck selling your v and if you are here in ca nissan is buying back versa to resell it to people... because they want the v its roomier with a better mpg and it rides pretty good with cvt and its faster than its own HP class... now you dont compare a 122HP with a 200HP :p its like comparing pistol to a knife lol ill stop trolling lol

so back to my question did you wreck your v?
Well thanks be to the nissan gods that there are still level headed, un biased people here. Its not that I dont like my V, but parts are starting to fail and have to be replaced that I thought that I would never have to do for the next couple years. Dont get me wrong, its a good all round vehicle and yes, considerably faster than the bottom line civics, cavaliers and such but I wanted a sports car in the beginning and the opprotunity wasnt there, I was thinking about my small family and gas prices but after owning the PGT, and my little one is older and able to do things more independantly, I really have no need for a family car anymore. Again, you guys are great and set an example for a perfect forum chatter.
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