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When I lock the doors the horn doesnt honk!!!

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Hey there,
When I use the key FOB to lock the doors, the horn doesnt honk anymore, also, when I use the FOB to unlock the doors, the rear lights dont blink.....wierdly at the same time, my AC button doesnt light up everytime I put on the fan (thats actually a good thing) any suggestions?
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so i got a question why does ford keep telling people its an american car but its parts are originally from mazda o_O off topic lol besides i love the 30~38mpg on highway and 28~30 in city ^_^v zoom zoom mx-6 errrr thats mazda... if you dont like your versa you can just give it to me ill take care of it... but to answer your question about your lights you might have some wiring problem or you might want to get your battery checked...
sorry to say but most fords are made with mazda lol but soon mazda will be with toyota so ford can make its own parts and lets see how well will that go o_O
did you get into a crash or something with your v???? any car with a good suspension/tires will yield a smooth ride... well good luck selling your v and if you are here in ca nissan is buying back versa to resell it to people... because they want the v its roomier with a better mpg and it rides pretty good with cvt and its faster than its own HP class... now you dont compare a 122HP with a 200HP :p its like comparing pistol to a knife lol ill stop trolling lol

so back to my question did you wreck your v?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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