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Where the blower motor resistor located?

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Hi all,

I tried to remove glove box and find blower motor resistor, but failed. So I remove lower finisher panel, but also failed to find.

Could anyone tell me where the blower motor resistor located?
Mine is 2007 versa sedan.

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To change the blow motor resistor, you have to remove your brake and gaz pedals, there's five screws and don't forget to put your contact key on off and remove it.Once these one removed, you will access to a little drawer with two screws, disconnect the connector, remove the old resistor and the screws and put back the new one, plug in back the connector,put it back the screw and your pedals. The steps they give on this forum are from the nissan versa repair manual and are too long. Too much time. I followed it and i lost my time. The method i gave you is from a real honest mechanic guy. Another guy wanted to charge me 5 hours to do the job. It is gonna take you max 1 hour. I you have more question, don't hesitate.


Sorry, i forgot to tell you that the little drawer is on the right side of the pedals. Is your nissan versa is canadian?
If it is a canadian nissan versa sedan, that is the good steps, cos i have the same one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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