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Where to install Fuel Pressure Guage

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I'm ordering a fuel pressure gauge so I can keep an eye on the pressure and see how low it goes while the car is parked. I've had issues with my FPR and want to keep an eye on it.

My question is, where can I install it? I am not sure where the fuel lines are in the vehicle and was wondering if anybody had seen an easy place to install the sensor?

The gauge I'm planning on using is a glowshift gauge. It uses an electronic ensor that send the info to the gauge through a wiring harness. I want to go this route because it will be easy to wire in.

I might also be doing a volt meter, although this isn't a big deal cause it just connects to the battery..

What do you guys think?
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It comes with 10 feet of wiring, so anywhere in the engine bay ill work. I'm going to set it up through a rocker switch and also go ahead and set up a voltmeter. I was thinking of doing the gauges WRX style on the center of the dash, or on the A-pillar. LEDglow also makes a single din dash pod so I could put them in the upper slot of my stereo opening. I would need a 3rd gauge in order to do that though..

Any ideas?
do you have a pic of the fuel pressure gage?
I would install it somewhere around the dash

Here's a sample =)
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I'm thinking of moudling a gauge pod in the center console, WRX style. This is a picture from the company i'm buying the gauges from:

I'd only be doing 2 gauges though. I could install a third, but i'm not sure what else I'd really need
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what I'm more concered about though, is where to install the sensor on the gauge. It need to get installed in the fuel line, And I have no idea where that is in the car.
Russell makes an EFI fuel quick disconnect adaptor that would let you use AN fittings....which is how you could install the sensor. I used this on my other car...i'll see if i can get some pics of the parts.
i'll see if i can get some pics of the parts.
That would be great!
The regulator is a known problem. If you put in the up to date part, i wouldnt bother with this mod. But if you really watn this guage, the fuel rail would be the easiest spot to tap i imagine
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