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Where to wire into the dimmer switch

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Alright guys, so I'm getting new interior lights this week (red) and I want them to come on with the dash lights. I have just purchased one of the little add a circuit fuse holders so that I can hopefully use the same slot as the dash lights/interior lights. DO you think I will be able to have them go on/off with the dash lights just by using its fuse spot, or does the "switch" occur after the fuse. either way, I'm gonna wire them in. Worst case scenario is that I'll just wire them into a random 12v switched fuse. The lights come with a control box so I can manually turn them on/off, it's just be cool to have them turn on with the dash lights and such.

I also just bought a 12v aux outlet so I can hard wire it in and get a stealthier way to plug in my GPS.. Right now It's in the corner of the dash on the drivers side and the wire has to go acros the steering wheel and such.. its a pain.
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Alright, so the lights are already fused, so I just need to find a wire to splice into. I would like to use something connected to the dimmer switch, so that they turn on when I turn the headlights on. Any ideas? I just need to find a wire...
Nevermind, I figured out how to do it myself. Couldn't wait :) I'm gonna throw up an instalation video in the how-to section for all the other diy'ers out there. I connected the lights to the dimmer switch so that now they will go on/off with the headlights. It was the purple wire :)
Nice! I also have red (other colors as well but I always have it on red) lighting under my dash, we should compare notes. Anyway, mine are set up just to come on when you turn the key, because I like them on even when the lights are off, all the time really.
If I couldn't wire them into the dimmer switch I was going to wire them to just come on with the key, but I figured it out, so I decided to go with it. I'm waiting for it to get dark now so I can do a clip of the lights at night and finish up the installation video.
I did mine a little differently. A actually made an accessory box with illuminated switches for the lights :p

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Dimmable LEDs install, using factory dimmer

Thanks for your LEDs installation video, athikerguy4life! I understand that you tapped into the PURPLE wire of the factory dimmer switch for 12V+ power. This single wire is both an ignition source (key "on") and a switched source (parking light/headlight switch), so both conditions must be met for your LEDs to illuminate (this is true on my '09 V Hatch). Clever!
Today, I found that if I hook up my LEDs' RED 12V+ lead to the same PURPLE dimmer wire and hook up the LEDs' ground wire (-) to the dimmer's BLACK wire w/1 SILVER DOT (middle wire of dimmer switch), the factory dimmer now controls the brightness of the LEDs along with the dash illumination!
I tested this setup with the LEDs' leads manually pressed into the back of the connected dimmer switch's harness. I'll be soldering them together, of course. Due to the LEDs' low power consumption, I expect no noticeable "power drain" or "blown fuse" issues.
If anyone has any questions, just ask and enjoy.
I'll see if I can post some pics or maybe a video, once my multi-color LED's are fully installed.
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My LED's are hooked up and the "sound" mode is very cool! Now, my V is a moving discotheque!
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