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Today I have purchased online a used genuine Apple Ipod Nano, Gen 5 to use in my wife's 2012 Versa Hatch. Car came with the proprietary Nissan Ipod connection cable. According to the Nissan Owner's Manual the Ipod player operation (without navigation system) is compatible with Ipod Nano 1st through 3rd generation.

So am I SOL on using this used Apple Ipod Nano with this Versa? Anyone out there that can comment on using any of the following with the Versa Ipod unit:
Ipod Mini 3rd Gen and beyond
Ipod Touch 2nd Gen and beyond
Iphone 2nd Gen and beyond
Ipod Nano 4th Gen and beyond

All of the above are stated as NOT compatible with the Versa in this configuration.

In the player WITH navigation the manual states that only the Ipod Classic 5th Gen and Ipod Nano 1st and 2nd is compatible.

Any info on this would help figure out if I need to cancel this purchase.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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