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Who bought recently?

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I was wondering if you had any price reductions on a lesser equipped versa sedan? A dealer quoted me a good price but when I showed up in person he said "ok you arent military or a college grad and you dont qualify for VPP so sticker plus 400 conveyance fee". Needless to say I feel like my time was wasted.

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No deals and the salesmen act like there are doing you a favor for selling you one
I paid list $10,999 + 780 delivery charge
And had to order it since no one stocks the S
Only took 3 weeks to get it in.
i got the 1.8 S SE hatch for $1000 less than sticker ($500 Nissan cash back plus $500 I had in a One to One account), so it wasn't a brokered deal, but I'll take what I can.
I got a Versa Sedan s, manual. It was the only one in Western Washington at the time. Paid the same as Versa5sp up above.
I will say that I bought a mechanical breakdown insurance through Geico for only 40 bucks per year. It gives me a 7 year 100,000 mile warranty, which is supposed to be better than what the dealer was offering for a extended warranty, and the dealer wanted 2k for theirs.
I bought my SV cvt Sedan with power package, splash guards, and mats for 16.800. That's including 5yr/100k extended warranty, finance charges, etc. Took me two weeks to negotiate a monthly payment for the car from two dealers. Decided to go with Bill Gatton on the deal.
No deals and the salesmen act like there are doing you a favor for selling you one
I paid list $10,999 + 780 delivery charge
And had to order it since no one stocks the S
Only took 3 weeks to get it in.
Thats a good deal. I paid $12K otd for my 2010 1.6(base model). Does the S model have power locks?
$15,000 after tax and dest. for a 2011 Versa 1.8s Hatch with power package. We have a certain dealer here who gets lower prices than anyone else on the island.
My Wife and I purchased a 2012 Nissan Versa 1.6L SV Sedan with College Grad pricing. I got a such a fenominal deal. It was $250 < invoice!
I picked up my 2012 S Hatch 6 Speed in black for 12,500 out the door. no extended warranty or anything but thats with tax and license, and im in California where tax is about 9%.
its got power door locks and windows, but not much more than that.
I feel stupid, you guys got such good deals, I paid 18,000 here in Vegas for my 1.8 S Hatchback, with the power package, I feel like I got robbed! Don't care now, it's mine, and I love this car! The dealer keeps on calling saying I can put you in a Maxima, but who wants that?!
i bought a versa S from Nissan of Athens (Georgia) on saturday. msrp 11,770 plus a $600 dealer fee and taxes, came out to around 13k. i traded in a peice of **** trailblazer for 1500 and put 1500 down. financed 10k at 2.99%. $225 a month for 48 months. 11,770 was the "internet price" of course when i got there they tried to say it was 12,600 because they put wheel locks etc on the vehicle. i was like well this is a waste of time and they sold it at 11,770. They actually had 2 S models at the same dealership, a blue one and a black one. i got the black. they had a silver one not far away at the dealership in Conyers GA.
Congrats man. Hope you like yours as much as i like mine. :thumbsup:
thanks, i like it so far. only reason i got it is because i like driving a manual and i wanted the mpg's. i had an 05 suburban and got tired of puting 400 a month in the gas tank so i gave it to my fiance and traded in her trailblazer.
Also remember the hatchbacks are actually more expensive than the sedans, by about $2K-$2.5K if I recall.
I live in texas and i got my 2012 5spd S model sedan for about 10,500 bak in june
Bought my 2012 Versa SV on 10/31/2012 for $16,000 out-the-door. Need to pay tax on that baby this week or else.
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