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Who else has Chrome Altezza Tail Lights?

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Well I am the only one that I know that has em?
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If I'm included in this convo then so far yes :p
i dont like them, i want a set of the JDM LED!
the stock ones do me fine lol
i dont like them, i want a set of the JDM LED!

..............Sorry, Mighy V not my style.
Chrome in a tasteful amount looks great. Don't get me wrong, when it's overdone it appears awful. I'm not a fan of altezza's period, not my style.
i had altezzas on my sentra before that i had liked, but i want to go blackout on my versa
I'm not a fan of the chrome ones either.
I'd love to blackout my taillights but in CA it's totally illegal I don't really feel like dealing with fix-it tickets. I think the black Altezza's would be my compromise, not sure if I'm in love with them though. Anyone know of other options?
I was thinking about removeable overlays? Ones that can be used multiple times instead of the permanant VHT nightshades.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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