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who has smoked head+taillights

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I did my tail lights a year ago with VHT nightshades. I tried doing the tint film but I gave up after 3 tries and $80+ later. And just smoked my head lights with the tint film. Much easier this time around


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Film can be hard to use, did you use a heat gun? I tinted my turn signals and reverse lights with film.

Before and after, I forget the percent of tint but I didnt wanna go too dark.

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Yes I did use a heat gun! My head lights are 35% if I'm correct I wanted to go black on my tail lights but I gave up cause they were to hard to do and I didn't have a heat gun at that time
from a tad bit more expensive then eBay but trust me there worth it. And if you do but the edge seal it pen trust me
I just made paper templates and used a pair of scissors to cut the tint. Came out perfect, didnt even need a heat gun. Just some soapy water and a squidgy.

Where did you guys pick up tint film? Ebay?
Yeah I got my film from ebay. It was $7.99 + free shipping.
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