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Dances that are performed in a ball or salon are known as ballroom dance. If you are looking out for good training, Ballroom Dance Lesson NYC has all the right options available. Many dance aspirants have come to this wonderful city of America to fulfill their dreams of making it big on the dance circuit.

Ballroom dance is enjoyed at both social and competitive levels around the globe. These dance forms are used as a medium of entertainment and performed on stage, television and in movies. However, with the evolution of dancesport today, the span of this dance form has become really slim. Now, this dance is referred as International Standard and International Latin styles dances. United States have contributed to this genre with two varieties – American Rhythm and American Smooth. Sequence dancing still continues to be a popular form of ballroom dance.

This dance form got its name from the word “ball”, which was derived from the Latin word “ballare”, which implies dancing. Ballroom dancing was mainly created for the higher society while the folk dances were left for the lesser privileged people. Many ballroom dance styles have become historical like Minuet, Polonaise, Pas de Gras, Mazurka and Quadrille. The Blackpool Dance Festival, which is hosted yearly at Blackpool, England is known to be a very esteemed affair that a competitive ballroom dancer can attend.

Poise, timing, body movement, posture, floor craft, presentation, expression and musicality are the factors that are kept in mind while judging a dance performance.
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