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2014 Versa Note S Plus
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I'm just trying to figure out why it is that:

*If you want a manual, you have to get an S
*There are NO options available for the S

When I inquired to Nissan USA about this, they pretty much told me to go kick rocks and if I install an aftermarket cruise, it voids the factory warranty.


I mean not why on the warranty thing, I mean why on intentionally building the car in such a manner that I can't simply Lego-brick my Note into the way I want and/or just order one that way from the factory? Is this Nissan's way of FORCING people into a CVT to get options they want and reduce sales on the stick shift, therefore giving them an excuse to phase it out entirely?

I love this little hatchback but Nissan's seriously holding her back. And rowing my own gears, however notchy they may be if I don't double-clutch every shift, is part of this little hatchback's brilliance.

I'm not mad, Nissan. I'm just disappointed.:crying:
Yeah, the 2017 300ZX twin turbo with the VR30DDTT engine from the Q50 Red Sport is going to be a blast! ...Oh, wait, they have no plans to doing that.

Bummer, but that's okay, I'll step up to an Altima SE-R coupe. 6 on the floor, wicked! Oh, wait, they dropped that model, too.

...well, that's alright, I can still get some sport and a lot of practicality with the SE-R that started it all, the Sentra!

...wait, that's gone too.

But hey, I can grab a Versa SR... yeah, super sporty! ...except CVT only.

Nissan really dropped the ball. :|
LOL Master0fMadness. It's funny but sad at the same time to think what could've been.

Back in 1990 or 1991, my next door neighbor bought a brand-new black Sentra SE-R coupe. It was pretty sweet. Being 5-6 years old at the time, that gave me such a good first impression of Nissans.

It would've been sweet if the Versa Note had a SE-R trim with a 6-speed manual, a true sporty trim that would've touched upon the good ol' days of the Sentra SE-R. At the very least, offer the Versa Note SR with the 5-speed, as rubbery and long as the shifts are; give enthusiasts the option of rowing their own gears. I am probably the only one who loves the CVT but even I'll admit it's not exactly exciting. It's such a letdown that the SR came only with the CVT; where's the fun in that?! Yes, Nissan really did drop the ball. Gotta do it right if you're offering the "sporty" trim, Nissan (Subaru offers a manual (6-speed?) in the WRX/STI but, to be fair to Nissan, Subaru made the same goof-up by offering a CVT in its WRX/STI instead of a dual-clutch automatic). If people really want the CVT, they can get the S Plus/SV/SL.
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