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Hello all, Long time, no-post.
I recently had an issue with Moog and and wanted to share it incase anyone else gets stuck like this.
So Sorry, Wall of Text incoming!
Summary at end.

Two years ago I got my Nissan versa from a repo Auction. After the purchase I had to put $1000 into the car in order to fix all the issues. Most of that money went to a new subframe

One of the parts I replaced was a lower control arm. I purchase this from under the MOOG Store.
The control arm came with a 3 year warranty. Unfortunately after 2 years I noticed I started to get play in the lower ballpoint of the control arm. I read the Amazon/MOOG Store warranty
810CoM9U7FS.pdf (
which states: Warranty: Contact your local MOOG® supplier for details
Who the F*CK is the "Local" MOOG supplier? Amazon?

I first attempted to get some clarification from MOOG and I contacted them via a generic web form. I was told someone would be in contact with me very soon.. Surprise!, no one contacted me... (That was Feb 8th)

So I reached out to Amazon (that's a whole saga in it's self) using their Online Chat - Contact Us

I was told that after 30 days Amazon was no longer responsible for returns, let alone warranty claims. The Amazon agent recommended that I call MOOG (Or the parent company at their Technical Support number 1.800.325.8886
I did, and I got a hold of an actually person!!!! who promptly told me ... guess what? ... contact Amazon for your warranty claim. So now I'm stuck between two Mega-Companies pointing a finger at each other. The MOOG Tech did say I could email their Amazon liaison this address [email protected] and they will help me. So I emailed and guess what?
No one EVER got back to me. Another Cooperate blackhole. (FYI, that was Feb 10th)

After a few days of waiting, (FYI my car undriveable during this whole time) I decided to call the MOOG Technical Support number again. Again, I got a hold of a real person, and they explained to me that MOOG only sells to re-sellers, and does not sell to the general public. They give a "Discount" on their parts in exchange, covers all warranty claims. I also informed the MOOG Tech that I had already emailed their liaison email address and no one had gotten back to me. The MOOG Tech then said, "Yeah, it's just one lady, and it's first come-first-serve"?!??! So one person is handling all for MOOG and Amazon interaction?... well maybe you need more competent people then just one lady doing that job. I then I said good bye, and hung up.

So again, I contact online chat and explain the situation only to be told.. "Sorry sir, you are out side the 30 day return window, you cannot return the Item"... I DON"T WANT TO RETURN IT, I WANT A REPLACEMENT UNER WARRANTY! I was beyond frustrated!

Then had an Idea...... "can you please escalate this to your supervisor?" The Amazon represented agreed, and took my phone number and said someone will call me.... LOL Yeah, Right!
... 5 minutes later my phone rang?!?!?!?! It was! I explained to the "supervisor" the whole story, She listened and said "So Moog refused to honor that warranty when you contacted them?" I said "yes". She then said, "Ok, we are shipping you out another control arm, and a return label for the old one".
And with that, my week long warranty battle was solved.

I will never go out of my way to buy MOOG parts again for two reason.
1) In my research to track down contact numbers/emails for MOOG I discovered that MOOG "name" is now under a giant generic Umbrella of the Which has LOTS, and LOTS of different auto-parts brands. MOOG "In my opinion" is no longer worth the extra price vs quality. It's now just a name and the quality appears to be gone.
2) Whether or not, MOOG was responsible covering the Warranty, they failed at responding to a customer who contacted them. Even at a "special" email address about a warranty claims. A little customer service goes along way in my book.

I also was disappointed with amazon, as it took three separate contacts with them to get the problem resolved to my satisfaction. Only after I insisted on escalation the issue did it get resolved. Amazon needs to figure out what's going on with the Warranty deal with Amazon and MOOG, document it, and train the staff better.

Sorry for Ranting. Hopefully some of it made sense. I Had to get this off my chest.
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