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Window visors

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I decided to join the bandwagon and ordered the Nissan JDM window visors from Paid $52.70 including shippping!

Bought all the stuff I wanted for my car until next late spring/early summer 2010.
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that is a good price.. im thinking of picking up a pair...
cool I personally know all the guys at the nismo shop great guys :) I worked with them for about 2 years never had a complaint :)
about time you did this, you have been missing out on the benefits of having these...
I sure hope so, never thought of them being worth anything.
you can crack your window on the highway and get that sound from the wind... plus work good in the rain too....
Came in the mail today! Woot!

Quick question, how do you install these? Instructions are in Japanese, and I can't read that. Any pointers?
Nevermind, I got them installed. Looks awesome!
LOL! My instructions were in a different language too, glad you got it figured out!
Any pics?
I Want Some!
I don't understand why Nissan hasn't released this product in the US?
Do they make any for the sedan?
Unfortunately for hatchbacks only. You can search Ebay and glance at some, I'm sure there are made for the sedan, not just Nissan.
They have this product in Canada.
It just costs a fortune to get it from the dealership.
I think they quoted me over $100! I ordered them from Bob at Versaspeed.
I am starting to wish I got a hatch. No taillights. No window visors. No spoilers. No exhaust...... I got jipped
Pics will come soon peeps! Hold on tight! :chillpill:
I am starting to wish I got a hatch. No taillights. No window visors. No spoilers. No exhaust...... I got jipped
I agree but I LOVE the sedan. Its not fair that they make ALL their products for the Hatchback.

I had to order these Window Visors off of eBay because Nissan doesn't offer them for the Sedan and they have 3M tape and stick to the top part of your door (looks ghetto up close) but my car is black so its pretty hard to tell unless your right there.

Also I'm not too unhappy about not having any taillights to choose from. All they have for the HB is those Altezza lights or w/e and I don't like them that much. I'm gonna get mine smoked soon. :D

What is the part number for those visors? I'm trying to find them in Japan but having a little trouble. If I can find them, I'll see what's available for the Cube and Sedan also. There is stuff available here for the Sedan. Bob and I are working to get everything to the States.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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