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Windshield Repair

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Hey everyone

Was lookin for advice on repairing cracks in a windshield. A rock got kicked up by the car in front of me and put a chip four inches long in my windshield. Not the first chip to show up in my windshield but its the first crack.

here is a pic of the damage still bummed out about it.

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gaffer tape!

On a more serious note, it is really impossible to repair windshield cracks. When its just a little chip, there are resins they can put in, but when its a crack there's really nothing they can do. My dad has gone through 4 windshields in the past 6 years.
Isnt your insurance supposed to replace it if you have full coverage?
I had my windshield resin fixed after I got a 4 inch crack. It cost me 30 U.S. dollars. You can still see the crack somewhat, but it has not gotten bigger. This fix was done 2 years ago and this versa is my daily driver. Also, to answer HR16DE, some insurance policies will cover windshiled replacement, but because of the deductible, you always end up paying the full amount of the replacement(at least in my case). Better to get the resin fix or a new/used winshield from the junk yard.
Thanks for the advice. I have had the resin fix for chips in the windshield I guess ill go take it to the place I got it fixed the first time.
Call your insurance, its usually really cheap since it's in their best interest to keep your line of sight clear for safe driving. No glass place will touch that with resin its way too cracked, the resin is really for chips.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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