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Windshield Wiper Options

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OK, so the Versa (at least 2008) has driver side wiper length of 26" and passenger side of 14". Problem is that there are very few decent blades in the length of 14". I prefer Rain X Latitudes but the don't come in a 14". Has anyone found if you can use a shorter driver side blade and longer passenger blade? If so, measurements are greatly appreciated.

Thank You :thumb2:
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I'm having the same problem. Goodyear Advantage blades in 26" are good quality and super cheap at Costco now (buy one @ $8 get one free on Sept special sale). The cheapo 14" blades only last 3 months here because it's so cold and it doesn't rain in the summer. (the rubber is too hard and skips like a machine gun across the glass)
I'm planning on getting a 14 incher at the Nissan dealer. Anyone know what one would cost?

OH... your question, no, a 16 incher will hit the edge of the trim around the windshield on the outside (are there 15 inchers?).
Pretty sure the cheap blades that only last 3 months here include Anco from Walmart.
After getting a $30 price on the dealer's replacement 14" blade (yes just one) for the passenger's side I have decided to buy a Goodyear Advantage 16" ($7.99 @ Costco) and cut one end shorter. I already have 24 inchers on the driver's side so it should work fine.
Now I have to buy razor blades and a new fine tooth hacksaw blade to cut through the rubber and plastic. Looks like the plastic end tip covers are loose and hopefully I can get the cut end one off without damaging it then reattach with a drop of epoxy.
Doesn't the outer end of the passenger side wiper (if 16") hit the trim around the windshield?
If not it must be touching it? Maybe the 16 inch Goodyears don't actually measure a full 16 inch? I'm picking a 16 incher up tomorrow at Costco.

Hopefully the additional drag of the 16 incher won't strain the wiper arm motor over the long haul.
Success! Tried the 16" Assurance blade on the passenger side as force78 did and the actual rubber wiper blade is about the thickness of a hair from touching the windshield trim. The plastic holding strip sticks out 1/2" past the rubber blade but it clears the trim by passing over it without touching.
Looks mickey mouse but I don't think it will cause any problems. I have the 24" Assurance blade on the driver's side.

The 16" on the passenger side WILL NOT work with the correct replacement 26" blade on the drivers side.

The Goodyear blades are called Assurance brand not Advantage.
Also, the Costco sale is good for another 2 weeks which extends into Oct.
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