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yeah I think the epa overated the 1.8 and underrated the 1.6. If my car ever got in the 20's I would have to get rid of it. My 99 turbo infiniti g20t which put out approx 240 crank HP got me 26 in the winter 29-30 in the summer and an all time high of 34mpg.

I drove a whole tank like a granny, not exceeding 60mph on the highway and got 34ish. Next tank driving 80ish on highway I got 34. In town or on the highway the 1.6 is consistent. Only time I see a difference is with hilly terrain.
I would love to push 30+ mpg right now but that's not going to happen with winter temperatures and not driving on the highway/freeways. I feel like EPA lied to us about the estimated fuel consumption.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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