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Wipers won't turn off!!

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So here is the deal my 2011 versa hatchback wipers will not turn off. They will only turn off after turning off key. This happened after a long period of freezing rain, snow, extreme cold etc. Thinking there was water in the wiper motor i ran a hair dryer under the hood to dry things out but to no avail. Also the low-hi speed settings work but not the intermittent. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am fairly mechanically inclined and have pretty much every common hand tool and electrical tool at my disposal so if it is possible to fix this myself it would be great. Thanks
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The home park microswitch may have been damaged and is not shutting off the motor in the home/park position. On my 2009 the red wire on the wiper motor gets grounded in the home/park position (0 VDC) which tells the CPU to de-energize the Front wiper power relay.

The front wiper relay could also have failed in the ON position causing the problem.

Frank 2009 Versa S Sedan MT-6 with 51500 miles
I have the same issue with the wipers not turning off and parking. Where is the home park microswitch ? and which relay is the front wiper one in the IPDM ?
The wiper motors I have worked on have the home park microswitch built into the motor assembly.

Frank 2009 Versa S sedan MT-6 with 75K miles
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