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Wiring harness

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I have a bad habit of mod'ing. NO NOT JUST BOLT ON'S. Currently I would like to know if anyone has installed an OEM cruise from a donor? Nissan will not sell the kit. Nissan will not tell me if the wiring harness is identical across all Versa models. I know car manufactures typically install the complete harness but if a customer doesn't order the item that plugs in, the harness plug just stays empty.

Has anyone been deep enough into the Versa to know¿

My email is '[email protected]'
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sorry i hope someone knows something about this... like someone who works at nissan dealers who knows some tech hmmmmm...
if you model has the power package then it should have the wireing for the cruise control if you have manual windows then i highly doubt thta you have th wireing for the cruise control plus it would have to activated in the BCM and ECU.
Thats why I was hoping the deep harnesses were identical for all 'V's. I'll do some surgery on my own (not alot while under warrenty) and see what I find.

Does anyone have the wiring diagrams for the 'V's¿ I've worked with electronics for 22 years and might be able to help others.
here is a link to another site the wireing diagrams are scattered through the service manual.
Mcleod, these are digital copies of the books in my glove box.

Can anyone help with shop manuals¿
I think I have one at home, I'll have to wait till I get home to check.

PM me your request (so I have a reminder!) and I'll have a little look-see :)
i will see what i can pull off assist tomorrow when i go into work.
The harness isn't a one-size fits all. There are multiples on each harness.
jokir wiring diagrams can be found in the factory service manuals. Here is a link to them
You are all GODS!!! in my little Versa world.

And, Promise land, I was afraid of that.
Jokir if you want the complete updated service manual pm me your e-mail address copied updated files from assist while was at work today total of 76MB in adobe acrobat files. sad news is i still need to unlock said files.
2009 FSM

not sure where to post this but does anyone have
a link to downloading the entire 09 FSM rather than
the many individual downloads specified on
Index of /FSM//versa/2009_Versa
Cruise Control Wiring

Resurrecting an old thread.

Has anyone had success with this? I have the base model 2011 HB. I would like to add the factory cruise and Bluetooth to the car. Right off the bat, I see that the ASCD brake switch is not there and it doesn't appear to have a harness connector either. Can this circuit just be added to the harness and connected to the correct terminals? Thoughts?

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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