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I seen an evo all decepticon'd out the other day. So crazy to see tranformer stuff still kickin all these years later.
HAHA its somewhere around a half inch off center to the left. Im pissed :(

the first optimus prime sticker i put on, it was too cold out and it didnt stick properly and i ruined the sticker. so i bought another one.

it was still really cold out but i washed my window with hot water a few times, and then put the sticker on and ran a hair dryer over it for a few minutes. and then i realized it wasnt center :(

sooooo, I guess I'll have to buy a new one to make sure its center hahaha

what started as a 1.99+ free shipping lil project, at this rate will end up costing me 20 bucks hahahah :)

ohhh well, it looks decent for now. if anything itll just tweak peoples minds around a bit cuz theyll look at it and struggle to figure out if it really is center or not :p
Dude, just use your antenna for reference, you know that's center on the roof.
lol i think i had one eye closed when I put it on..

cuz not only do i have the antenna, I have my 3rd tail light in the window which is pretty much the exact width of the sticker..

Mike - 0
Geometry? - 1
i miss the g1 transformers man i was so young but that was the good years for them
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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